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Drake shooting “Who Do You Love?” ft. YG

its YG’s song but  you know…whatever

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So yeah it doesn’t look like i missed but i will start writing again only not on this blog.

i’m starting a new one and it won’t be fan fiction, these stories will be fictional though. so hopefully whoever sees this follows my new blog once i set it up.

Well it’s been real, peace & love!


Chapter 12

I put my arms out planting my hands on the hood of the car as I tried stopping myself from getting hurt. I sighed in relief as I came to an eburpt stop. The window begin to come down and some lightskin nigga smoking a blunt was revealed.

“aye my bad man, I aint mean to damn near run ya over, my nigga, but yo is name Nakel?” he asked.

By his accent I could tell this nigga wasn’t from around here, so how the fuck he know my name? and why is he looking from me?

“Yea why?” I said picking up my board slowly.

“I’m Kyle, bruh” he said taking a pull from his blunt. “look I know you don’t know me but I know who you are and we need to talk about somethin’, so come take a ride wit’ a youngin’ one time.”

I raised an eyebrow, This nigga must be out his fucking mind. I thought.

“Come on bruh, I ain’t fixin’ ta do shit, ya heard me.” I lightly chuckled.

“Sorry bro, I got somewhere to be, plus like you said I don’t know you my nigga.”

He didn’t look like he was older than me or nothing and he didn’t really seem like a threat, but you never really know. Dropping my board back to the ground I skated around the car and continued on my path to the skatepark. As I glided down the sidewalk I noticed this nigga’s car following me. against my better judgement I stopped. He opened his door and hopped out shutting it behind him, then walking around the car to stand on the sidewalk where I was.

“look man I ain’t tryna start nothing wit you, bruh, I just wanna talk to you about something we both have in common, ya heard me?” he said lighting another blunt and taking a couple pulls from it then extending his arm offering it to me.

“what’s that?” I asked declining his offer by waving my hand.

“Amaya Taylor” he said inhaling again.

“what about her?”

“that’s my baby girl and I hear you fuckin’ her now.” he chuckled lightly.

“Yea so?” I asked getting irritated.

“So, I said she my baby, right? That mean I’ma need ya to leave her alone bruh. See she gotta go back to Atlanta one way or another and I figured this is the best way.”

“What way is that?” I asked getting even more pissed off.

“Telling you that she belongs to me. You seem like a smart enough nigga, so I figured letting you know was’up would make everything easier because her momma-”

“Her Momma?” I said furrowing my eyebrows, now I know exactly who this bitch nigga is. “Man fuck you and her mom. Amaya’s with me because she wants to be and I’m not about to just make her be with a nigga just to please a bitch I don’t even like, so I suggest you back the fuck up before you get fucked up.”

He just chuckled and took another pull from his blunt as he shook his head and walked over to the driver side. He opened the car door, then looked at me and chuckled to himself again.

“I’ll be seein ya my nigga” he said getting inside the car and pulling off. 


Pulling up to Tyler’s house, I debated whether or not my patience could stand for his annoying ass today considering that a quick by my house turned into a full interrogation with Amaya’s mother questioning me like the damn LAPD. I reasoned with myself that even tho he could be annoying I did like being around him and if he wanted to see me, I couldn’t just not show up because that bitch pissed me off. Killing the engine, I unbuckled my seat belt and opened the car door stepping out in my denim colored TOMS I closed the door hitting the lock button and begin to approach his front door. I could hear running and what sounded like someone jumping down the stairs and then Tyler’s loud voice scream out “I’M COMING!” before reaching the door. I chuckled and lightly shook my head as he opened the door.

“hey T” I chuckled.

“Hi De.” He said wrapping his arms around me picking me up and hugging me tightly.

I laughed as I hugged him and wrapped my legs around his waist. This is the exact place I needed to be. He is the best friend I could ever ask for. Just a hug from him makes me feel better. As he put me down our eyes met and I didn’t even feel my feet fully touch the ground before I pressed my lips against his. Kind of an awkward way to have a first kiss but something just took over me.

“uh, what was that for?” He asked after we breaking the hold between our lips.

“figured you waited long enough for it.” I said nonchalantly walking into his house. Hearing the front door shut behind me and little did I know as I walked up the stairs I was in for a long night, but hey I had some frustrations to work out anyway ;) .


“No, no, no, Natalie don’t put that in your mouth” I said running over to Nat and removing the lego she inserted in her small mouth.

She begin to have a tantrum watching me take the legos away. I sighed roughly in frustration. This parenting shit is a lot harder than it looks but I love my baby so I have to stick it out.

“Daddy! I wan daddy!” she cried at the top of her lungs.

I picked her up as she screamed and tried pushing me away. My frustration was building as I became more impatient. I let her sit there and cry for a few minutes and then all of a sudden the tears stopped. She stared up at me with her big blues eyes and her face bright red and wet from crying. I raised an eyebrow confused as to what made her stop.

“Momma” she said in an upset voice and reaching her arms up for me.

Complying with her gesture I lifted her up into my arms and she leaned her head on my shoulder. I rubbed her back gently and grabbed my phone to call Nak.

After a couple rings he answered.


“are you mad at me or something?” I asked noticing the anger and irritation in his voice.

“No” He sighed. “I’m pissed about something else.”

“Oh okay, well Natalie just had a tantrum.”

“about what?”

“legos that I took away from her because she tried eating one.”

“you didn’t have to take them, she would’ve spit it out once she realized it wasn’t chewable.” He laughed.

“Nak, that’s not funny” I chuckled. “anyway that’s not what’s weird tho. She cried really hard then just stopped and wanted me to pick her and now she’s laying her head on my shoulder as if nothing happened.”

“yea that happens.” He said nonchalantly.


“She does that every now and then, mainly she just tryna get her way but she smart because she stops when she realize you not about to let her.”

“Okay, well I think I might take her to the park or something.”

“Uh I don’t think that’s a good idea.”


“Maya I gotta talk to you when I get home, but I gotta go right now.”

And without another word he hung up. 

Something Different Pt. II (coming soon)

Chapter 1: Unfaithful


“Who the fuck is the bitch?” I yelled in obvious frustration. This nigga must think I’m stupid or some shit because he constantly fucking around and think I don’t know. “I already told you I don’t fucking know what you’re talking about, shit!” He had his eyebrows scrunched together as he begin frantically searching for something. “Looking for this?” I asked holding his phone in my hand and placing the other on my hip. After this bitch called our house and hung up in my face his phone started receiving text messages. So I read them as they came and now he tryna play dumb and shit. “Bailey give me my phone.” He demanded. “come get it nigga. You’re bitches are probably missing you.” I said tossing it toward the bed but it just missed the edge and hit the ground cracking the screen. “Look what the fuck you did, FUCK!” he yelled out, picking up the phone and assessing the damage. “Fuck that phone, you got bitches texting you left and right and calling the house and shit, you ain’t shit Tyler.” He looked at me placing his phone in his pocket. “I ain’t shit, but I was when I bought you that engagement ring, huh? I was the shit then, right?” He said as if that meant something. “Here you can have it back because I don’t want it or you”……

Chapter 11


I woke up and looked around the front room, but didn’t see Amaya or Natalie. I called out their names and even went into Natalie’s room when I didn’t hear nothing. Where the fuck is my kid?

I grabbed my phone to call Amaya but before I pressed call the front door opened and there she was holding Natalie’s hand as she walked her thru the door. I felt a rush of relief come over me and I walked up to her and picked Nat up.

“Hey Nat.” I said kissing her cheek.

“Hi Daddy.” She smiled.

Amaya leaned in to kiss me and I stopped her.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked furrowing her eyebrows.

I put Nat down and instructed her to play with her toys that where in the corner of the front room. Amaya closed the door and continued to look at me with a confused expression.

“Amaya you can’t just take her somewhere without telling me.”

“What are you talking about Nakel? She’s my daughter.”

“Who you have no rights over and I didn’t say you could go anywhere with her.”

“Are you fucking serious Nak?”

“yea I am. You just came back into her life and just because we fucked last night don’t mean I fully trust you.”

She stood there not knowing what to say and staring at me with hurt in her eyes. The same hurt I felt when she moved away. She didn’t deserve my trust just yet and her taking off while a nigga was sleeping and taking Nat without telling me, definitely wasn’t going to make me trust her any sooner. She pushed past me and walked down the hall into Natalie’s room, closing the door behind her. I picked my phone back up and looked at the time, 1:24 pm. In a couple hours I was supposed to meet with my nigga Mikey and the whole Illegal Civ crew at the skate park to shoot some stuff, and then go chill at Juan’s house and smoke with those niggas, but first I have to get dressed and take Natalie to my mom’s house.

After brushing my teeth, showering, and putting on some fresh clothes, I decided to check on Amaya who still hadn’t come out of the Natalie’s bedroom. I knocked a few times then opened the door to see her sitting with her legs crossed, doing something on her phone. Leaving the door open I went and took a seat on the floor next to her.

“Amaya, I wasn’t trying to be an asshole. I’m just sayin like, you gon have to earn my trust back and shit because if it was the other way around you would feel the same way.”

“I just took her to the store with me and Denise. Where the fuck did you think we went? I wouldn’t do shit to hurt her or you and I thought I proved that by trying to be around as much as I could for the past few weeks.”

She had the most sincere look on her face. fuck, I was being a dick about nothing. It wasn’t even that I didn’t trust her but more about me still kind of holding a small grudge against her. There was a guilty feeling growing in my stomach and I started to feel bad about yelling at her.

“Okay,” I said with a sigh. “You’re right, I shouldn’t have a problem with you taking her places with you.”

She furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at me trying to tell if I was serous with my apology. I’m not really a nigga that likes to admit when he’s wrong, but ith her I always make exceptions..

“I gotta go so I’m leaving her with you for a little while.” I told her as I stood up.

“ok” she replied with a huge smile.

I guess Natalie does mean more to her than I initially thought. Amaya walked with me into the front room and Natalie was sitting in the middle of the floor clapping and giggling as she watched Spongebob  on TV. I kissed her cheek then kissed Amaya’s lips before walking out of the door and to my surprise I didn’t hear any crying or Nat calling out for me to come back for her like she usually did when I left with my mom. Chuckling to myself I jogged down the stair and hopped on my skateboard heading to meet up with my Illegal Civ niggas.

I texted Mikey telling him I was on my way. Placing my phone back in my pocket, I carried my board into the store with me and walked straight to the refrigerated section to grab a Strawberry Nesquik and as I closed the door I dropped my board on the floor and skated torward the front to pay for my drink.

“Hey, I thought I told you and your friend no skating in my store.” the nigga behind the counter yelled.

Rolling my eyes, I placed the bottle on the counter once I stepped off the board. I reached into my pocket and took out my wallet and paid for my drink.

“No more skating in my store.” he demand holding my shit in his hand as if dangling it front of me.

I reached over and snatched from his grip then flipped him off as I skated out the door and heard him yell one final time:


I laughed looking back for a split sec, but once I begin to return my attention forward a car stopped right in front of me…..


R.I.P Paul Walker (1973-2013)


R.I.P Paul Walker (1973-2013)

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